Faculty of Pharmacy

faculty of pharmacy

Pharm D.

The curriculm of Faculty of Pharmacy has been and still considered a unique and distinctive in the Arab region where it was developed according to the latest international standards in pharmaceutical education where pharmacy graduate gets on the degree of Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm. D.) and is characterized by theoretical and practical experience and have ability to play an active role within the medical therapeutic team in terms of understanding medical diagnosis and drug selection and dosage appropriate and to find alternatives medication in case you need to do so. Also he had the ability to communicate with the medical team and the patient, and that the significance of the pharmacy graduate will reflect on the service, better health care and the reduction of drug abuse, as well as reduce the cost of medical treatment. The graduate is qualified to practice the profession of pharmacy in all its forms and in all other fields, such as working in hospitals pharmacies (public and private) as as well as the fields of manufacturing and development of medicine and scientific research centers and academic interested in pharmaceutical sciences.
The theoretical and scientific content of courses which included in the study plan for the Faculty had developed a according to the latest systems and global curriculum. These courses are taught during the six years of study and study at the faculty is divided into three successive phases.
And are achieving this ambitious course in the faculty during the five scientific departments, Faculty of Pharmacy is Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy ,Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry, Department of Natural Products and Alternative Medicine and Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, in addition to the scientific departments of the faculties of medicine and science.

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