Faculty of Pharmacy

faculty of pharmacy

Quality & Academic Accreditation Unit


Development of global competitive quality systems for Faculty of Pharmacy, King Abdulaziz University to achieve better learning outcomes.


Qualify the educational systems for Faculty of Pharmacy, King Abdul Aziz University to achieve national and international academic accreditation standards in order to achieve quality standards and continuous improvement of the Faculty, in order to improve the quality of graduates in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.


  1. Promote a culture of quality among Faculty members
  2. Development of academic performance in the Faculty of Pharmacy, commensurate with local and global standards in order to achieve excellence in university education
  3. Improve teaching performance according to the local and global standards of process excellence in teaching performance
  4. To obtain academic accreditation from an official review board of scientific accreditation bodies.

Commission responsibilities

From the keenness of the founder University to evaluate the performance of academic programs in various university faculties including the Faculty of Pharmacy to raise the level of education in colleges and improve the standard of graduates. So it has felt Faculty of Pharmacy, King Abdul Aziz University to establish a committee calendar and academic accreditation altogether. Based on the decision of Dr. Dean 575 / ك ص / 31 on 25/11/1431 tasks identified as follows Colleges.

  1. Evaluate the performance of the educational program in accordance with accreditation standards.
  2. Make sure that every academic program has strategies for teaching and learning commensurate with the nature of the academic program and standards that met with the requirements of academic accreditation standards.
  3. Periodic and systematic evaluation of educational programs, equipment and devices for each academic program in accordance with accreditation standards.
  4. Make sure that the objectives, requirements, strategies for educational program teaching and learning, academic services and extra-curricular activities provided to faculty members and students well provided for each faculty staff.
  5. Make sure that there is an available educational development plan for the educational program based on the results of periodic evaluation that serve the development plan for Faculty.

Committee work Strategy

  1. Direct supervision of the academic accreditation process.
  2. Identification of all activities related to scientific departments and the faculty administration.
  3. Identify strengths and weaknesses of Faculty capabilities and courses and the submission of proposals and the appropriate means to overcome weaknesses.
  4. Design and preparation of the necessary forms of questionnaires to assess the elements of the educational process and providing questionnaires for students and faculty members.
  5. Develop a time plan for the preparation of faculty scientific programs for the requirements of academic accreditation.
  6. The establishment of regular workshops and lectures to faculty members, students and faculty administration to identify the standards and requirements of academic accreditation.
  7. Supervision, follow-up and assist faculty academic departments and administration in the design of evaluation forms required.
  8. Be sure that faculty members have revised evaluation results and preparation of periodic reports.
  9. Make faculty and students data and statistics available.
  10. Prepare the reports related to the Academic Accreditation Agency.
  11. Compilation of all documents related to the process of Academic accreditation.

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