Faculty of Pharmacy

faculty of pharmacy

The Information Technology Unit

The unit was established by the instruction of Prof. Hesham Mosely (dean Of the Faculty of pharmacy) on 21/9/1428H according to the advice of the University Principle, Prof. Osama Tayed to have an Information Technology Unit within every faculty of the university.


  • Support the education process.
  • Support the researches in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Serving continues pharmacy education by establishing an online education service.
  • Providing an interactive place to receive and discuss suggestions and comments posted by the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Supporting the university goal of Excellency by encouraging the distinctive methods in teaching, learning and other academic activities in order to confirm the efficiency and fitness of the faculty curriculum.
  • Facilitate the use of the E-education among the academic members and their assistances.
  • Making it easy for the students to log to the E-courses of the curriculum in order to use them, and thus, evaluate them and deliver their opinion regarding any suggestion for future improvement.
  • Spreading the concept of evaluation of performance.
  • Encouraging the participation of the students in the educational process via transforming the paper handouts into E-handouts in order to save the students' time and effort as well as study them thoroughly.
  • Announcing the graduated students and help them in finding a proper post.

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