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Sport Committee


The Sport Committee is one of the most important committees as it aims to broadcast the sporting spirit, creat a love of collective cooperation among students and create an atmosphere suitable for competition among them. In addition, the sports committee works to broadcast sporting spirit among students and to raise the level of sports as well as to encourage sports talent of students. Moreover, the committee works to organize sports activities, formation of sport teams and establishment of sport competitions,festivals, and concerts.
The sport committee is seeking for the development of its activity and plans through the participation of employees, faculty members of the college and students actively in sport activities because of its significant role in strengthening social ties within the college.


The main sporting activities carried out by the sport committee:

  1. Organization of college sport activity, including the composition of sports teams, establishment of games and sports competitions and festivals.
  2. Participation in sport activities of the University in the collective and individual games.


Sport Committee coordinator: Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Elberry.

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