Department of Pharmaceutics

About the Department

Pharmaceutics is one of the fundamental subjects in pharmaceutical sciences. It focuses on the technological aspects of designing and manufacturing various pharmaceutical forms, which are of vital importance to pharmacists and scientists specializing in converting drugs into safe and effective medicines for patients. The department's primary goal is to optimize the development of drug delivery systems for the body and enhance their effectiveness.
The Pharmaceuticals Department aims to develop optimal methods for delivering medicine to the human body. Its curriculum includes a range of courses, such as pharmacy technology, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical form design, biopharmaceutics, and drug kinetics. These courses constitute the core requirements for obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. It's important to note that the department does not grant bachelor's degrees. Instead, it awards Master's degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceuticals).

The vision

We aim to achieve global recognition in the fields of education and research by creating comprehensive learning environments. Our focus is on advancing the design of dosage forms and drug delivery systems to enhance the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments.


Creating a world-class educational environment for undergraduate and graduate students and conducting advanced research in designing dosage forms and drug delivery for the benefit of community service and institutional sustainability.


• The paradigm shifts in education
• Research excellence in drug transportation and pharmaceutical manufacturing
• Promoting the sustainable development of the department
• Increasing the department’s financial resources
• Providing distinguished community pharmaceutical services

Department courses
Code Course Credit HOURS Credit HOURS
First Term Second Term
Theoretical Practical Theoretical Practical
PH 201 Introduction to Pharmacy 1 0 0 0
PH 211 Pharmaceutics I 2 0 2 1
PH 312 Pharmaceutics II 2 0 2 0
PH 413 Pharmaceutics III 2 0 2 0
PH 421 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 3 0 0 0

Research Facilities

The department is well-equipped with modern research devices and equipment. Chemicals are procured for each ongoing research project, with funding provided by the Saudi Commission for Scientific Research, the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, or any other approved legal funding body. Various laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment to accommodate different types of activities while ensuring safety. These laboratories offer services to graduate students at all stages of their scientific studies within the research program.

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