Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

About the Department

The Department of Pharmaceuticals and Toxicology instructs PharmD degree students in pharmacology, fundamental principles of toxicology, and biostatistics. Pharmacology is the scientific study of drugs and their effects on vital systems. This course helps students comprehend the effects and multiple uses of drugs, including their mechanisms of action, interactions with cellular receptors, and their applications in drug dynamics, drug interactions, drug kinetics, and side effects.
Toxicology principles and clinical applications focus on the study of the harmful effects of drugs and chemicals, along with methods for preventing and treating cases of poisoning.
Biostatistics is the science that applies existing or new statistical methods to health-related questions. It supports scientific research in various health fields, maximizing the acquisition of information. This course stands as one of the most crucial components of the curriculum for Doctor of Pharmacy students at the College of Pharmacy, King Abdulaziz University.


Distinguished graduate studies are national in their educational and research programs and outcomes, in a way that supports local development.


Producing scientific and research competencies that meet the needs of the labor market in the field of medicines and toxicology that strengthen the foundations of sustainable development and the knowledge economy in line with Vision 2030.


1. Demonstrate advanced and up-to-date knowledge of pharmacology and toxicology.
2. Acquiring the technical and critical skills necessary for scientific research, extracting scientific theories, and conducting research in the field of pharmacology and toxicology.
3. Acquire the necessary skills to verify the toxicity of newly manufactured compounds or plant extracts to strengthen the national industry in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
4. Participate in solving the problem of addiction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through scientific research in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in strengthening anti-drug efforts.

Department courses
Code Course Credit Hours Credit Hours
First Term Second Term
Theoretical Practical Theoretical Practical
PT 301 Pharmacology 3 1 4 0
PT 511 Biostatistics 0 0 2 0
PT 521 Basic and Clinical Toxicology 2 0 0 0

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