Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

About the Department

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry emphasizes fundamental concepts in physical and chemical systems, as well as biological processes related to medicines and medicinal drugs, along with the innovation of treatments. The curriculum promotes an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing general chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and quality control. This field primarily focuses on drug design utilizing the latest molecular modeling programs, as well as technology transfer from theoretical design laboratories to practical application laboratories for drug formulation and pharmaceutical product testing, in accordance with relevant guidelines. Courses offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry constitute a significant portion of the PharmD curriculum. Please note that the department does not award bachelor's degrees.


The department aims to be a basic center for knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry, its branches and practical applications, through innovation and development in teaching and research services.


The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to provide learning experiences based on best educational practices for all students, and to give comprehensive information in the field of applied pharmaceutical chemistry that supports the design and development of new drugs and drugs as well as analytical methods for these drugs in addition to the application of this information in daily life.


The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to provide all students with high-quality learning experiences, utilizing best educational practices. We aim to offer comprehensive knowledge in applied pharmaceutical chemistry, supporting the design and development of new drugs, as well as analytical methods for these drugs, and their practical applications in daily life.

Compulsory Courses
Code Course Credit Hours Credit Hours
First Term Second Term
Theoretical Practical Theoretical Practical
PC 201 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 1 2 1
PC 201 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 1 2 1
PC 311 Medicinal Chemistry I 2 0 2 0
PC 412 Medicinal Chemistry II 3 0 2 0
Research Activities

The department is well-equipped with modern research devices and equipment. We purchase chemicals for each ongoing research project. Research project funding is sponsored by the Saudi Commission for Scientific Research, the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, or other approved legal funding bodies.

Our laboratories are equipped with various types of equipment to support different research activities while ensuring safety. Our automated analysis laboratories include the following devices:

  • • Liquid Chromatograph
  • • MSMS Ion Trap (Agilent)
  • • Clarus 5000 Gas Chromatograph (PerkinElmer)
  • • High Efficiency Neck Layer Chromatograph - DAD-FLD (Waters 2695 Alliance System)
  • • UPLC - UPLC-MS Triple Quad (Agilent)
  • • ICP-MS Speciation system (Agilent)
  • • FT-IR (GX Perkin Elmer)
  • • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)

Additionally, we provide other useful facilities such as UV spectrometers, UV scintillation laboratories, exposure to light equipment, freeze-drying vacuum equipment (Christ), cryogenic centrifuges, pH meters, and Karl Fischer calibrators. These facilities support chemical synthesis, analysis, computational drug design studies, and research in the field of designing and synthesizing new therapeutic agents.

Graduate students have easy access to these laboratories throughout their studies in the research program

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