About the Unit

This unit operates under the umbrella of the College's Dean and has a primary objective to enhance and develop performance. It executes essential plans to uphold quality standards and establish policies and evaluation mechanisms. Additionally, the unit works towards preparing and supporting various sectors in achieving and sustaining compliance with internationally recognized standards for quality and academic accreditation. It plays a crucial role in promoting a culture of quality and nurturing exceptional skills and expertise in the realm of quality and excellence applications.

Duties of the Unit Head

  • 1. Supervising the divisions under the unit's purview.
  • 2. Approving annual operational plans for the unit's divisions.
  • 3. Overseeing the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan for quality, excellence, academic accreditation, measurement, and evaluation within the sector, aligning it with higher objectives, university's strategic plans, and the requirements of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission.
  • 4. Nominating staff members within the entity for internal and external audits, aimed at reviewing and achieving quality and academic accreditation standards in coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation, following approved policies.
  • 5. Providing the entity's employees with updated knowledge in training, development, and education based on work-related needs.
  • 6. Supervising the preparation of reports and studies related to quality, academic accreditation, measurement, and evaluation.
  • 7. Identifying tasks characterized by substandard performance, analyzing them, and designing strategies to improve performance levels.
  • 8. Evaluating feedback from the sector by assessing the performance of quality processes, academic accreditation, and measurement and evaluation through international reports.
  • 9. Supervising the implementation of measurement and evaluation mechanisms to ensure compliance with approved national and international standards, in collaboration with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation.
  • 10. Establishing effective communication channels with the scientific departments and administrative units within the entity, providing them with relevant reports on a regular basis.

Divisions Affiliated with the Unit

Academic Accreditation Division

Division Tasks

  • 1. Define the specifications required by national and international academic accreditation bodies.
  • 2. Supervise the implementation of national and international standards and approved accreditation models at the university, in collaboration with the academic departments.
  • 3. Manage and monitor all activities related to the development and implementation of national and international academic accreditation systems. Create a follow-up system to obtain and maintain academic accreditation.
  • 4. Develop and execute academic review and evaluation mechanisms to ensure quality and excellence.
  • 5. Prepare awareness programs to promote and solidify the culture of accreditation, and conduct training workshops in the field of academic accreditation.
  • 6. Ensure the completion of course descriptions and reports for all academic courses and programs across all academic departments.
  • 7. Oversee the alignment of course description models in all scientific departments with the templates approved by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, in coordination with academic departments.
  • 8. Prepare electronic subject files for courses offered in all academic departments.
  • 9. Coordinate with relevant authorities to meet all requirements for conducting the self-evaluation study and preparing its reports.
  • 10. Ensure the quality of teaching and learning processes in all academic programs, in collaboration with academic departments.

Quality Division

Division Tasks

  • 1. Define the necessary specifications to ensure quality and excellence.
  • 2. Manage and monitor all activities related to the development and implementation of quality systems in the entity's administrative processes. Create a system to track the acquisition and maintenance of the quality management system.
  • 3. Apply international standards and approved quality models as endorsed by the university.
  • 4. Oversee the implementation of quality assurance and periodic review mechanisms, in coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation.
  • 5. Provide technical and practical support for quality, accreditation, and excellence projects.
  • 6. Generate comprehensive reports detailing measurement and evaluation results, quality and accreditation activities, performance levels, and stakeholder satisfaction across various activities.
  • 7. Develop awareness programs to disseminate and reinforce a culture of quality. Organize training workshops in the field of quality.
  • 8. Document the work of both main and sub-committees dedicated to ensuring quality in administrative processes.
  • 9. Supervise and monitor the execution of procedures related to ensuring the quality of administrative, technical, and practical processes.

Measurement and Evaluation Division

Division Tasks

  • 1. Establish methods and standards for academic and administrative measurement and evaluation.
  • 2. Manage and monitor all activities related to the development and implementation of measurement and evaluation systems. Prepare a follow-up action plan to manage and ensure performance quality and excellence.
  • 3. Ensure the quality of teaching and learning processes across all academic programs, in coordination with scientific departments.
  • 4. Monitor the opening and closing dates of the measurement and evaluation systems. Keep track of their mobilization and completion rates, in coordination with the Quality and Academic Accreditation Department.
  • 5. Develop awareness programs to promote and reinforce a culture of measurement and evaluation. Conduct training workshops in the field of measurement and evaluation.

About the Unit

The Graduate Unit at the College of Pharmacy, King Abdulaziz University, offers a range of services and support to college graduates, facilitating their path to professional success. The unit is dedicated to strengthening communication channels between graduates and the college while fostering opportunities for collaboration.

The unit's responsibilities encompass organizing events, conferences, and workshops designed to enhance the knowledge and professional skills of graduates. Additionally, it provides avenues for continued learning and professional development through courses that aid graduates in their career progression. Furthermore, the unit actively endeavors to create job and employment opportunities for graduates by hosting employment fairs and establishing connections with pharmaceutical industry companies and healthcare institutions.

Unit Tasks

  • • Maintain communication with graduates to align learning outcomes with labor market and societal requirements.
  • • Provide qualifications and support to help graduates enter the job market.
  • • Establish a comprehensive information database for college graduates.
  • • Foster communication with graduates through various means to strengthen their relationship with the college.
  • • Monitor the status of graduates, including their alignment with workplace demands, academic qualifications, and specific skills. This involves preparing digital indicators and research studies that facilitate alignment between higher education outcomes and labor market requirements, as well as planning, monitoring, evaluating, and collecting feedback.
  • • Engage in effective communication with various employment sectors to facilitate job opportunities for college graduates.
  • • Compile statistics on the number of university graduates, the percentage employed, and the percentage unemployed among them. Provide this information to relevant stakeholders.
  • • Generate periodic reports on the performance of strategic partnership initiatives and offer recommendations to improve areas as needed.
  • • Maintain and update lists of graduates, including their contact information, employment details, and the time taken to secure employment.
  • • Promote a sense of belonging and strengthen the relationship between graduates and the institution.
  • • Utilize graduates' experiences and opinions by involving them in expressing their views on study programs and plans.
  • • Maintain communication with graduates to identify those securing employment after graduation and seek their feedback.
  • • Develop necessary programs and action plans to align educational outcomes with the Saudi Qualifications Framework.
  • • Administer questionnaires about employment trends and plans in various business sectors and future professions.
  • • Recommend the development of programs to identify and enhance students' practical skills required by the labor market.
  • • Foster connections between the college's scientific departments and institutions in the business sector.
  • • Create a list of training opportunities and external scholarships, including their requirements, and guide students toward them.
  • • Support research contributions and studies at the college level, analyzing research results on labor market needs and graduates to enhance scientific departments and educational curricula in accordance with business sector requirements.
  • • Assess employers' satisfaction levels with the educational outcomes of graduates.

About the University Counseling Unit

The University Counseling Unit is dedicated to guiding and supporting students throughout their academic journey, fostering the necessary psychological, social, and academic aspects to help them successfully adapt and integrate into the university environment.
This unit offers guidance, advice, and assistance to students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, with the aim of fulfilling the university's mission and objectives. Furthermore, it strives to create an optimal environment for students, enabling them to discover their talents, interests, and skills in pursuit of their educational and career aspirations.

Duties of the University Counseling Unit Coordinator

  • 1. Oversee and provide general supervision of academic advisors, ensuring follow-up on their submitted tasks.
  • 2. Welcome and orient new students, acquainting them with the college and university systems.
  • 3. Assign students to faculty members within the college.
  • 4. Receive student reports, address their issues, or escalate them to the College Dean for Academic Affairs or the College Dean when necessary.
  • 5. Organize counseling and guidance meetings, courses, and workshops to streamline the counseling process.
  • 6. Facilitate the tasks and responsibilities of academic advisors, including the preparation of student files and specialized forms.
  • 7. Discuss the college's latest developments related to students and collaborate on strategies for improvement and resolution.

Objectives of Academic Advising

  • • Enhance students' understanding and enable effective planning for their academic future.
  • • Identify exceptional and struggling students and devise appropriate solutions to support their needs.
  • • Implement workshops, training courses, and guidance programs.
  • • Encourage students to participate in creative activities.
  • • Create guidebooks and publications for student reference.
  • • Develop models and forms for guidance purposes.
  • • Furnish academic supervisors with the essential information they require.
  • • Provide necessary support to students throughout their studies.

Who Are We

We are the Student Pharmacy Club affiliated with the College of Pharmacy at King Abdulaziz University. Our mission encompasses a clear vision: to enhance the skills of both male and female students across various domains, including professional, cultural, social, artistic, and scientific aspects. Additionally, we are committed to nurturing their talents to propel the pharmacy profession forward.


Reaching the highest levels of quality and achievement by achieving the club’s goals and continuous development in a way that suits our current era.


Refine the personalities of male and female students in line with the development witnessed in our Kingdom to create a productive and responsible generation.


  • - Highlighting the role of the pharmacist in all different fields and spreading awareness of the importance of this profession to all segments of society.
  • - Investing the energies of male and female students and employing them in a way that serves the community and the nation’s specialization in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision.
  • - Training male and female students on leadership and management skills and exchanging experiences.

Club tracks and committeesA path that translates the community’s awareness needs into field campaigns launched in remote areas targeting all segments of society.

Scientific path and research:A path concerned with writing scientific content and simplifying it to suit all segments of society, as well as forming research teams to participate in hackathons and research conferences.

Itinerary of trips and conferences:A path concerned with educating male and female students through making trips to research centers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as notifying male and female students of the dates of holding research conferences related to pharmacy, such as: Ceva and DUPHAT.

Track of activities and events:A path concerned with transforming international and local days into awareness and entertainment activities.

Media Committee:• A committee concerned with covering all club activities in the media on the student club’s social media sites.

Design and Decoration Committee:A committee concerned with designing and coordinating decorations for all student club activities.

Quality and Development Committee:A committee concerned with improving the quality of student work, developing it, and raising performance by evaluating tracks and committees, writing monthly reports, and developing development solutions and suggestions.

Public Relations Committee:A committee concerned with coordination between the student club and other parties to provide the needs of the student club’s activities.

Organization and Logistics Committee:A committee works on the field organization of the student club’s activities by organizing the entry and exit of visitors to the activities and logistical support for the activities.

Student club news:- Telegram channel ( https://t.me/+vlaQHzYrMbY4YTc0 )
- The student club page on the X application ( @KAUPharmacyClub

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