Master of Pharmaceuticals

About the program

The department aims to provide the student with the basic scientific background in designing and evaluating modern pharmaceutical doses.


The program aims to achieve the vision and mission of the department by achieving excellence and modernity in the specialty of pharmacy and pharmacy technology, as well as providing service to specialists to improve health care for the Saudi community.


Providing the necessary scientific expertise for graduate students as well as healthcare professionals through a balanced educational and research program, the most important of which is the formulation and evaluation of various pharmaceutical forms and modern methods of delivering medicine to the body, as well as the provision of high-quality research projects.


1. Promoting and consolidating modern scientific concepts and specialized research training in the field of pharmaceuticals.
2. Using modern technologies to solve problems related to pharmaceutical preparations through the preparation, formulation and delivery of various pharmaceutical formulations.
3. Qualifying and preparing a scientific and research generation of pharmacists to work in the fields of academic, industrial and health pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to filling the need with distinguished national competencies.

Department courses

(A)Compulsory courses- credit hours (14)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PH 801 اPhysical Pharmacy 2
PH 894 Research Methodology 2
PH 802 Biopharmaceutics 2
PH 803 Advanced Drug Delivery Systems 2
PH 804 Pharmaceutical Formulation 3
PH 805 Pharmacokinetics 3

(B)Selective courses- credit hours (11)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PH 820 Pharmaceutical Excipients 1
PC 821 Pharmaceutical Analysis 3
PT 822 Advanced Biostatistics and Experimental Design 3
PH 823 Good Manufacturing Practices 1
PH 824 Cosmetics Preparations 2
PH 825 Pharmaceutical Marketing 2
PH 826 Selective Topics 1
PH 827 Communication Skills 2
** 8** Free Course 3

(C)Thesis- credit hours (10)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PH 806 Thesis 10

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