Master's degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology

About the program

The department aims to provide the student with the basic scientific background in designing and evaluating modern pharmaceutical doses.


Distinguished graduate studies are national in their educational and research programs and outcomes, in a way that supports local development.


Producing scientific and research competencies that meet the needs of the labor market in the field of medicines and toxicology that strengthen the foundations of sustainable development and the knowledge economy in line with Vision 2030.


1. Demonstrate advanced and up-to-date knowledge of pharmacology and toxicology.
2. Acquire the technical and critical skills necessary for scientific research, including the extraction of scientific theories and conducting research in the field of pharmacology and toxicology.
3. Develop the skills required to assess the toxicity of newly manufactured compounds or plant extracts, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the national industry in alignment with the goals of Kingdom's Vision 2030.
4. Contribute to addressing the issue of addiction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through scientific research, aligning with the objectives of Kingdom's Vision 2030 in strengthening anti-drug efforts.
5. Master the fundamental skills of modern research techniques in pharmacology and toxicology, equipping our students with the knowledge and capabilities necessary for future employment opportunities.

Department courses

(A)Compulsory courses- credit hours (16)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PT 811 Biostatistics 3
PT 802 Advanced Pharmacology 3
PT 803 Clinical Pharmacology 2
PT 804 General Toxicology 3
PT 805 Drug Abuse 2
PT 894 Research Methods 2
PT 895 Seminar 1

(B)Selective courses- credit hours (13)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PT 806 Pharmacological Screening 3
PT 807 Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics 2
PT 808 Drug metabolism and Disposition 2
PT 809 Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology 2
PT 810 Clinical Toxicology 3
PT 811 Selected Topics 2
PH 813 Pharmacokinetics 2
NP 823 Alternative Medicine 2
PHYM 802 Cardiovascular Physiology 2
PHAM 807 Drug Discovery and Development 2
PHAM 820 Endocrine Pharmacology 2
PHAM 830 Pharmacoepidemiology 2
ANAT 804 Histological Techniques 1 3
ENS 643 Advanced Environmental Toxicology 3
***8*** Free Course 3

(C)Thesis- credit hours (8)

Course code and number Course title Credit hours
PT 899 Thesis 8

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